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Friday, August 11, 2017

US News and World Report 2017

Hackensack University Medical Center was ranked the No. 1 hospital in New Jersey by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, three other hospitals from the health system – Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center and Riverview Medical Center – ranked in the Top 10 regionally. For Ocean Medical Center, this was the second year in a row with a ranking of #8. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Extra Mile

An email from a grateful patient:

Dear Colleagues, Friends, Work Fam, My Jersey Girls (Plus or minus a few fellas),

            What an experience spending the last 15 weeks at your hospital. I have never written to a staff, but because of the impression you all left on me I felt that it was the least I could do to explain my gratitude. Side note: this is going to be a little long so you may want to take a seat. What you guys have at OMC is something special, you have a family environment who delivers phenomenal patient care. On a daily basis, I witnessed nurses going the extra mile for their patients, I felt that each patient was cared for as if they were your own family members. No matter the scenario whether it was a routine post-op patient or if it was setting of echmo, the team always found a way to pull it together. You used every resource available and made the best of the situation. You often overcame adversity and silly hospital policies to do the right thing. Not only did you care for the patients well, you cared for each other. Whenever there was one person struggling, there were two others right there that had that persons back. Again, what environment you have here is one that cannot be replicated, it is something very special.

Unit secretaries - You saved me this entire assignment. From figuring out who doctors are. Helping me clarify orders, figuring out the right person to call no matter the situation. I could turn to you and could lean on you and know the job was going to get done the right way and the first time. You were patient with me in explaining the routines of the unit. You are the backbone of the unit. Without you so many people would struggle. You do so many things at once and run from side A to B. You push off lunch and answer phones when you are on break. I want you to know your diligence does not go unnoticed and you are greatly appreciated.

PCTs - Could you please draw my labs? Could you get this patient OOB? Can you take next door to the bathroom? Can you get a sugar on 15? Are you covering the 1:1 this afternoon? Literally pulled and pushed into 3 rooms at one time, I do not know how you keep your cool. If I was you I would complain and get frustrated with being asked so many things at once. That’s what makes you guys so special, you don’t complain. You put your nose to the ground and do what needs to be done. You pick up 4 hour shifts to help out? You are relied on so heavily and asked so much of physically but again you don’t complain. The patients love all of you, and it is evident from watching you all interact with them. You prevent pressure ulcers, you notice some things others don’t, you go above and beyond the job requirement, and again not complaining. You guys are great at your jobs and no doubt the CCU has the best PCTs, and trust me after transferring patients to other floors it is undeniable.

Nurses - Wow. Let me say it again, Wow. I am in awe of you. You wear more hats than anyone in the hospital and you do so, o so well. You connect doctors, because they do not talk to each other. You critically think in all aspects of care. You engage families and educated them. You do it all. You always had my back, always were a friend, and never let me suffer. You accepted me and welcomed me. You made me want to come to work everyday and made OMC an amazing and gratifying experience. You hold each other accountable and bounce ideas off each other. You don’t take lunches, you come in early and stay late. You are the reason why people do not want to leave the ICU, because I believe you give them autonomy and you make them feel safe. The nurses on this unit are thee best nurses I have EVER come across. I am in awe of all of you.

I heard about the hard times of the past, and I truly believe that under Laura’s and Paris’s guidance everything is going the right way. Never have I come across two managers that will pick up an assignment or take and admission (THAT IS NOT NORMAL OR EXPECTED ANYWHERE ELSE). They listen to problems and concerns genuinely and do their best to address them. They are phenomenal resources and if anyone has a problem please go to them. You have no idea how luck you are to have two people in charge who care so much about your well-being and your happiness.

As I move onto Kentucky, I am excited to be allowed to put in Foleys again, but I am not excited to leave all of you. I have learned how to be a better nurse and how to be a better person from being around you. I am taking things form each of you, from patient care techniques to some of your “Dad jokes”. It truly was an honor.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yesterday all my troubles seem to far away...


I wanted to thank everyone for your collective superhero efforts yesterday.  There were several very difficult circumstances including the network downtime, super red volume and heart breaking patient issues.  Yesterday, was the perfect example of “well-orchestrated” and humanity in healthcare. You started the day with 26 holding in the ED and brought it down to the single digits.  We were handicapped without phone and computer, and you all found a way to communicate and ensure safe patient care.  Sometimes the science of medicine is not enough for our patients and, yesterday, you wiped away your tears and were there for the family members of our patients and our team members. THANK YOU

The ice cream truck wasn’t intended for the unplanned events yesterday.  It was to recognize the heart and soul of everyone at our medical center. Thanks to everyone who delivered the ice cream day, night, Jackson, etc.  Nice to see smiles. 

Thanks for all that you do.