Concussion Program

Every year, 1.7 million children, adolescents and adults are treated for concussion. Our Concussion Management Program consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who perform critical diagnostic testing necessary to manage and treat each concussion individually.

About Concussions
Every concussion is different and there is no specific time frame designated for a full recovery. Some individuals recover in days, weeks, or months, and others may experience persistent symptoms that require additional and specialized medical treatments.

More than 75% of head injuries are mild and involve no loss of consciousness, but can result in significant symptoms and residual functional deficits that require further evaluation and treatment. These symptoms include:

Attention Deficits
Poor Concentration
Memory Problems
Light Headedness
Balance problems
Sensitivity to light
Sensitivity to noise
Sleep problems

Concussions at all levels of severity are considered a serious medical issue that requires immediate clinical attention by a health professional trained in treating and managing concussions. In order to avoid repeat or more serious injury, it is critical to manage concussions until complete recovery is achieved.

Sports Concussion and Baseline Testing

Since so many concussions are caused by sports and recreation, our Concussion Management Program offers pre-season testing for athletes age 10 and up. Pre-season testing utilizing ImPACT testing can help determine when an athlete is able to safely return to play if they are diagnosed with a concussion during the season. We partner with athletic trainers, coaches, school counselors, nurses, teachers and families to encourage safe sports play.

Personalized Concussion Treatment and Management

During the initial appointment, our patients receive personal attention from a Neuropsychologist who will evaluate the concussion and perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation.

Our program uses ImPACT, Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Assessment, and Balance Testing to evaluate the post-injury condition, track recovery, and to prevent the cumulative effects of concussion. Click here to find out more about the ImPACT Test.

At the end of the initial visit, each patient leaves with a personalized plan of care specific to their concussion. Adult patients receive customized return to work or recreational activity plans. Children and adolescents are provided with a custom return-to-play plan for sports or other recreational activities, as well as an individualized return to school accommodations.

The collective data from the clinical evaluation and objectives testing measures are used to develop a personalized concussion treatment plan which may include referrals for:

•  Neurology evaluation and treatment
•  Neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and orthopedic evaluations
•  Neuroradiology/neuroimaging
•  Vestibular evaluation and physical therapy
•  Physical and exertion training and rehabilitation
•  Psychological and behavioral health
•  Medication management to help treat emotional, sleep, and cognitive concussion symptoms

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Concussion Management Program
Ocean Medical Center

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