MRI Procedure

About the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Procedure

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is an advanced scan that produces extremely clear images of the human body without the use of X-rays. This technology enables physicians to detect developing diseases or abnormalities earlier than ever before. MRI uses a powerful but harmless magnetic field and radio waves, like the kind that transmit FM radio stations. The combination of the radio waves and the magnetic field produce detailed images of the body. Structures such as the brain, spine, joins, and other vital organs are easily visualized.

Ocean Medical Center is now offering a new choice in MRI Technology.
When it comes to MRI, Ocean Medical Center can provide options to best suit any patient. Here, we offer a high field MRI for routine procedures, and for those that contend with claustrophobia, anxiety, or panic disorder, our large-bore MRI is available, ensuring the comfort of every patient.

Learn more about our Large Bore MRI.

What patients need to know:

Prior to your exam, please review the following checklist:

  • You cannot have the exam if you have any of the following:
    • Pacemaker
    • Cochlear Implants
    • Defibrillator Device
  • For your safety, you will be asked a series of questions concerning your surgical and occupational background. Please be sure to inform the technologist if you have any of the following, as additional information and/or preliminary X-rays may need to be taken.
    • Metal filings in the eye
    • Clips (surgical, vascular, aneurysm)
    • Certain heart valves or stents
  • Bring previous X-rays applicable to the exam for the radiologist to review if they were not done at Ocean Medical Center. For example, if you are having an MRI of the knee, bring any previous X-rays of your knee.
  • In most cases, you can eat or drink prior to the exam.
  • You can take any medication you are currently taking.
  • Please be sure to wear comfortable metal-free clothing (sweatpants) and remove all metallic body jewelry prior to your exam.
  • If you think you may be claustrophobic, ask your doctor to prescribe medication prior to the exam. If you do receive medication, please bring someone with you that will be able to drive you home.
  • During your exam, relax and do not worry! We will make sure that you receive the warm, professional care you deserve.

How do I get my results?
Your MRI scan will be interpreted by a board-certified radiologist. The radiologist's report will be sent to your referring physician and he or she will discuss the results with you.

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