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About Our Balance & Vestibular Program

Forty percent of people over age 40 experience dizziness or a balance problem at some point in their life. A common cause is dysfunction within the inner ear. According to the Vestibular Disorders Association, dizziness is the second most common complaint physicians treat.

Problems with balance or dizziness can disrupt your quality of life. Through the Balance and Vestibular Program at Hackensack Meridian Life Rehabilitation, our skilled therapists help individuals return to a maximum level of functioning after an illness or injury. A team of experts works together to assess each individual suffering from balance and/or vestibular (inner ear) disorders, and develops a custom plan for treatment.

Recognizing the Symptoms
Common symptoms with balance or vestibular dysfunction include:
•  Spinning or dizziness (vertigo)
•  Poor balance; difficulty in sitting, standing, bending, and walking
•  Falls
•  Periods of lightheadedness
•  Feelings of faintness (syncope)
•  Problems with eye-head coordination

Evaluation and Treatment
A thorough evaluation will determine the cause of your symptoms, and our therapists will develop a custom treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

At Hackensack Meridian Life Rehabilitation, individuals often experience the following results:
•  Improved balance
•  Minimized fall risk
•  Decreased sensation of dizziness
•  Improved stability when walking
•  Improvement of neuromuscular coordination
•  Decreased anxiety

Options for Ongoing Improvement

After you are discharged from the Balance and Vestibular Program, you will have access to many fitness options that can optimize balance, including:
•  "The Right Balance" fall prevention class
•  Nintendo Wii balance training
•  Private or semi-private training sessions
•  Medical fitness memberships

Care Locations

Hackensack Meridian Rehabilitation – Jackson
27 South Cooks Bridge Road
Jackson, NJ 08527

Hackensack Meridian Rehabilitation - Brick
1686 Route 88
Brick, NJ 08724

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