Ocean Medical Center is now administering Xofigo - a new treatment for men with metastatic prostate cancer - cancer that has spread to other areas of the body, more specifically the bones. If and when prostate cancer spreads to the bones, it can be a painful experience that results in bone fractures or high blood calcium levels. At this stage, the cancer can be life-threatening. If cancer has spread outside the prostate, Xofigo’s major goal is to prevent or slow the spread of the cancer to the bones, not to cure the cancer.

Ocean Medical Center’s Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine teams work together to administer Xofigo to men whose cancer has spread despite receiving medical or surgical therapy to lower testosterone. Xofigo is administered intravenously over a one minute period, and is usually given once every four weeks for a maximum of six treatment sessions. The radiation is focused and precise, minimizing the damage to other tissue and allowing patients to return home shortly after receiving the injection. Xofigo is an alternative for patients who are too ill or unwilling to undergo chemotherapy.

Xofigo not only increases patients’ life expectancies by an average of about three months, but also improves their quality of life by offering pain relief.

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