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About Our Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Services

Our bodies are supposed to provide us with smooth, pain-free movement, and bone and joint health are critical to everyday health. Our Orthopedic teams are committed to helping you maintain this health.

The Right Kind of Treatment

People are enjoying longer, more active lives, thanks to advances in orthopedic medicine. At Hackensack Meridian Health, our focus is on the delivery of outstanding, compassionate, and personalized care for bone and joint injuries and conditions. Since many orthopedic problems have more than one treatment option, our surgeons work closely with specialists in other fields to ensure that every patient receives exactly the right kind of treatment for his or her problem.

Treatment Without Surgery. Always the First Choice.

Our first choice is always to treat without surgery. If we can treat you effectively without it, we will. But sometimes, surgery is necessary. If you have a severe issue, or you have already had surgery and have not had a good outcome, we will discuss the various options for surgery with you and help you decide which one is best for you.

See For Yourself


The Right Kind of Care 

Hackensack Meridian Health Ocean Medical Center’s new innovative medical-surgical floor is designed from a patient’s perspective. This groundbreaking floor is dedicated to elective surgeries like joint and hip replacements. It provides a unique environment for one-of-a-kind care.

•  Curved nurses’ stations that enhance nurses’ line-of sight into patient rooms
•  Patient rooms that provide speaker systems, iPads and pull-out couches for family members
•  Nurse servers that let nurses check information and supplies without disrupting patients
•  Oversize windows that let in more natural light
•  Tracking boards that provide family members with more information about their loved one’s health and progress
•  Curved walls and carpeted hallways that help to reduce noise
•  A state-of-the-art physical therapy center
•  Artwork, colors and other touches designed to reduce stress and promote tranquility
•  A dedicated “Zen room” for doctors and nurses, encouraging mindfulness and focus

Orthopedic Care Locations

  • Ocean Medical Center, 425 Jack Martin Boulevard, Brick, NJ 08724

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