Why Give?

With every gift you give, we fulfill a mission - yours. It is with great pride that we honor your donation by ensuring that it helps as many patients as possible at Ocean Medical Center.

Meet Our Donors

Generations of Support

Ocean Medical Center Foundation is proud to have the Lucas family join its circle of donors, with their significant support of its Emergency Services campaign. 

LUCASNow third generation seasonal residents of Bay Head/Mantoloking, they appreciate having top-rate medical care close to home as they enjoy time in the area that has been a respite for their family for so long. 

George and Patty Lucas, as well as their son Russell and daughter-in-law Kristina, committed a generous family gift in recognition of Ocean Medical Center’s ability to deliver excellent care.

George stated, “I am proud to become involved with the hospital and champion its many services that benefit the entire area, including the communities so dear to us.”

The family not only provided generous financial support in 2014, but the foundation board of trustees also welcomed Russ as a member. “Given that my family has been established in the area for generations, I look forward to championing Ocean Medical Center’s services to family friends and helping to attract the support that keeps it as a strong center for care,” Russ said.

Trustee’s Continued Support Helps Ocean Medical Center Grow

BUD MAYOBud Mayo is a continual generous donor and consistent champion for Ocean Medical Center’s top-rate care. 

A resident of Bay Point Harbour, Bud and his wife Sudy can attest to the importance of a strong medical center close to home. 

"My family uses Ocean Medical Center’s myriad services, as have several of my dear friends in recent years, and the quality of care is very impressive,” says Bud.

After having helped lead the board through the enormously successful capital campaign for the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Emergency Care Center, Bud has set his sights on attracting broad and deep attention for new initiatives that will further Ocean Medical Center’s ability to deliver the best care in the area.

Bud’s background provides him with plenty of insight into strategic development, and he is a lifelong entrepreneur and former chairman of the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown.

“The same principle holds true across my endeavors: deliver a top-quality experience, and people will appreciate, then advocate for, your services," he says.

As both a generous supporter and foundation trustee, Bud is in a unique position to help Ocean Medical Center’s foundation grow and thrive.

Decades of Philanthropy

Thank you to long-time Ocean Medical Center supporters Ruth and George Harms of Brielle, and their entire family for continuing their philanthropic investment in 2014.

HARMSTo supplement a lead campaign gift made in 2013, the Harms family made another generous contribution last year in support of the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Emergency Care Center at Ocean Medical Center, a valuable resource for their community.

Ruth Harms is a former member of the Foundation Board of Trustees, and son Rob currently sits on the Foundation Board of Trustees. All of the Harms’ grandchildren have been born at Ocean Medical Center.

A Rewarding Investment

Over the years, longtime Ocean Medical Center donor Betty Hurley has provided philanthropic support to her hospital of choice in a number of ways.

HURLEYBy establishing several Charitable Gift Annuities, Betty’s investment in Ocean Medical Center’s future is a lasting tribute to her late husband, former Bay Head Mayor Michael H. Hurley. 

The latest annuity, set up by Betty in 2014, brings recognition of Michael, and her family, in the new Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Emergency Care Center.

Ocean Medical Center Foundation is thankful for the commitment of loyal donors like Betty. To learn more about how your will and long term financial plan can support lifesaving health care right here in your own neighborhood, contact Jacqueline M. Bartley-Oxley, J.D., at 732-751-5118 or Jackie.Bartley@hackensackmeridian.org.